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Joe Armiger Abika Managing Director

Joe Armiger

Managing Director

Team leader, on and off the pitch, Joe has 20 years of experience in technology SAAS recruitment, working with amazing companies all over the globe. If you share a mutual love for all things SaaS and/or Crystal Palace get in touch ⚽️

Ed Bartlett

Sales Director

Family man, dog owner and retiring (at some point) rugby player. Close to 18 years in Recruitment and 12 in the SAAS arena working with cutting edge Technology Companies across the globe to find them great Commercial talent. If you share a love for rugby and SaaS drop Ed a line☝🏼

Tom Bourne

SaaS Key Account Director

Cricket lover, quiz extraordinaire and Chelsea Football club encyclopaedia🏏. This heavyweight of account management has 10 years of experience in SAAS recruitment and manages most of Abika’s largest house accounts. If you are looking for some guidance for your accounts get in touch with Tom using the details above!

CLINT SOWRAY Senior Software Consultant Abika

Clint Sowray

Senior Software Consultant

Our resident Capetonian, Tennis enthusiast and South African Idol superstar, Clint leads Abika’s Account Management, Customer Success and Marketing efforts . Want to talk tennis trivia and smashing SaaS roles reach out using the links above 👆🏼


SaaS Sales Consultant

Father of two, Rugby Coach and former professional rugby player. A background in Financial Service Sales which is now being applied to the SAAS arena. Get in touch with Steve to explore your SaaS career options 🙌🏼

NATHAN DILLON Software Sales Consultant Abika

Nathan Dillon

Software Sales Consultant

This worldly, ex-professionalgolfer has fine-tuned his recruitment mentorship over his last 3 years here at Abika. His experience operating in the SAAS arena is an invaluable asset to the team and his clients. If you fancy a chat about levelling up your SaaS game connect 👋🏼

STEVE PILGRIM SaaS Sales Consultant Abika

Callum Buchan

SaaS Sales Consultant

If you are a young SaaS SDR or Sales professional, Callum is your man. Outside of scoring tries, Callum is securing leading young professionals some serious SaaS roles. If you share a passion for rugby and landing dream jobs connect with Callum on LinkedIn 🏉

Ocean Schwartz

SaaS Sales Consultant

Mountaineer, GB high jumper, long-distance runner. Ocean doesn’t just dominate track and field, despite being new to the game he is dominating the marketplace. If you wish to pick Ocean’s brain about sprints and SaaS, drop him a line! 🏔

Tom Woodford

SaaS Sales Consultant

TOM WOODFORD SaaS Sales Consultant Abika

Tom Harrison

SaaS Sales Consultant

This social butterfly and trained mixologist is now specialising in SDR SAAS Sales Recruitment🍸! This Exeter graduate is making a wave, if you want to discuss how he can help you make an impact on your career get in touch here

TED FAVA SaaS Sales Consultant Abikatant Abika

Ted Fava

SaaS Sales Consultant

One of our most exciting up-and-coming recruiters, this golf enthusiast has been consistently gaining momentum within the SDR marketplace securing some very exciting roles. If you want to talk all things golf and prospects you can find Ted’s details above 👍🏻